Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What is the capital of sri lanka ?

Ok, so again we made it to the car boot sale in Truro on Sunday  This time due to the fine beautiful lovely weather it was held outside rather than in the cell like confines of the indoor cattle market. After experiencing the indoors it reminded me vaguely of when i was younger and in school and the teacher decided to have the lesson outside as the weather was so nice.
Anyhow the place was heaving and there was loads of bargains to be found, however the highlight was the over friendly stall owners. We were kept talking for over 10 mins by a woman who had recently moved to cornwall from essex, who was finding the air here made all the difference to her and her familys health. We could tell she was a bit unhinged as she was dead set on the fact she was going to have a full tropical tan by the end of the day, a bit of an ask mid feb, but she seemed happy conning herself.

After the car boot we decided to go for a few drinks and do the pub quiz in the front falmouth. Too much drinking ensued.

Video's to follow......

Pub quiz legends we are not. kudos on the elbow licking.

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