Saturday, 2 February 2013

Self Tan Marathon

So your caught in a logging accident up in the pine barons and both your legs are broken, bad luck princess/prince, looks like its four months of bed rest for you. But oh no! i hear you shouting, what about my tan??. Well fucking lucky we put together this mini assessment of all things fake tan for you to help keep that precious skin golden even in Fritzels basement.

Number #1 - Fake Bake (beyond bronze airbrush self tanner)

So this is about the best available on the market right now for lasting and instant results, so if you wanna look like you have been on a longer holiday than your friend without leaving your dreary conservatory then this is your boy. Be careful mind this shit ain't cheap so don't be goaded in to allowing liberal sprays to potentially hostile individuals, and if its unlikely your going to be naked why not scourge out on just spraying your face and arms.

Number #2 - St.Tropez (Self tan spray)

This little shit is our number two, not half bad at the same job, and if your mate is flogging it cheap your a stupid mug not to invest. If boots and Superdrug have run dry of fake bake then you cant go much wrong with this!. Also available for a slightly cheaper price we found. 

Tip: If you get this messy bullshit on your hands try rubbing washing powder on your hands it takes it right off. 

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