Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday cattle market madness

So we went to a carboot sale today in Truro cattle market. Sadly by the time we arrived it was almost over but nevermind better late than never. It only opened at 1.30 and we arrived at 2.30 so were guessing these particular car booters were the part time variety, we can only guess that they all had more important plans for the afternoon than making sporadic 25p's for jumpers with frayed necklines.

We bought an amazing picnic set tho for only £3.00 which was a fucking steal. Jenny got some lovely wine glasses that are told retail well over the price she haggled them down to. Anyway the pint being were well hyped for the start of the car boot season! its s much fun it freakin unreal. I think the main thing is being careful not to buy for the sake of it!, and to know an absolute bargain when you see it, remember to haggle and always take change with you!.

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