Friday, 15 February 2013

Ok, so we quite clearly spend entirely too much time picking through the bowels of the internet attempting to find clippings of the most twisted or bizarre sites available  I guess its kinda like the whole things a collage and your drawn to the most interesting or strange pictures. If were all honest there is nothing like finding something of which you can't justify or that when you ask yourself "why or how does this exist" - your left with nothing but a grin and a puzzled expression  People are bad ass strange, and this section celebrates this in full. Today's strange site is amazing, totally and utterly bamboozling  who does this or why is a question that cannot be answered. Highlights include the tightrope act and story number two (not to give too much away). We did write our own story in response but sadly there is no email address for fan work guuuutttttteeed.
Over 18's only... lol

Visit :Cunt Circus

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