Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Stereo vision head on collision

Did anyone have one of these as a kid? there pretty freakin awesome. I remember getting mine from disney land when i was about 8!. The VIEWMASTER was introduced in 1939 how crazy is that!!.

Basically you put a revolving round slide in to it and looked towards the light as if they were sunglasses, and then you would be dazzled by the amazing 3d picture before your very eyes!. Sort f like a retro space age kaleidoscope!.  

You can buy one of these bad boys from fire fox -- BUY HERE!

And check this out as an amazing promo for an album special edition!, The neon trees have there very own view finder with there album picture show! Take a look Here! 

I get so stupid excited about stuff like this, to spite its el stupido nature!. Cool as fuck. 

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