Monday, 11 February 2013

Alright sunshine's!, me and Baron Von Trash Can (Kitty) got jacked up on some pear and elderflower fizzy water and set to work figuring out some uber snazzy ways for me to wear this frantically awesome shirt. Now it might remind you of when the Beatles wrote the white album in India meets the good the bad and the ugly but we had a lot of fucking fun. Remember all items available soon on kitastrophy clothing, some awesome one off bits and bobs, odds and sods. Who loves ya baby, I'm going to be sick.

The good, the bad and the stupid.
(Vintage 70's lace shirt, Trad kafiya in white and red, brown fedora)


(Cheep monday skinny jeans, that vintage shirt, mad stupid skills)

Banned from the club

(customized Vintage leather look biker jacket) 

Howdy mam im here for the child.
(3 quarter length suede coat with black fur lining)

Dagmar, i did not think it would fit.
(our personal fav, and my new killer facebook profile pic)

So anyway we probably shaved a few years off our lives all the smoking we did during this evening so were thinking of giving up...soon. Remember to check out our items on eBay @ kitastrophy clothing.

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