Thursday, 21 March 2013

They call me Mellow Yellow

This sat night marks Alexa's (from work) brithday and my first night out in Truro this year... and also 'gasp' my second night out at all this year!.
The whole salon has been buzzing, extreme dieting, tanning and talking about what to wear all week.
Now thanks to my 'Jewish ghetto diet' (which i will be writing a best selling and critically acclaimed book about) i have managed to get my weight down to a 'fuck yeah' 7.4 stone!. All i need now is the perfect dress.
After getting it into my head i want a yellow dress (preferably strapless, bodycon and amazing) i stumble upon this little delightful number from Nasty Gal.

See how beautiful it is !!!!

Alas, short of buying the dress a plane ticket and a miracle there is no way i can get it shipped from the USA in time :-(. So instead, after much internet searching i finally ordered these two little beauties!. 

               Boohoo candy bodycon lime green                                    White bodycon from Missguided 

The Boohoo candy dress i had previously owned in electric blue and the fit is really good, and it looks much better on. The Missguided dress i intended on shortening to an indecent length and dying bright yellow friday night. I will wear whichever looks the most bad ass. I also found this one from Topshop that sadly was out of stock in my size!, SHITBAGS!.

(I actually just found and purchased one of these on eBay, but it will not be here for this weekend)

I shall wear with denim jacket, fringed leather jacket and black rocker boots. I'm also going to sort through my jewelry and wear a ring on every finger.
I want some mint green magnetic nail varnish and will top off with enough hair extensions to cover my entire head!!. 

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