Thursday, 21 February 2013

Introducing Kittler...

So basically this article is about Kitty aka Lusty barbs aka Baron Von Trash can's morning bed rage. Now I'm not a morning person but kit takes it to the extreme, and in retrospect its always a good laugh but during her rages its bordering on scary. In her own words to quote "if i had a knife available, i would use it", now short of wearing a god dam stab vest to bed, and making sure there are no sharp implements within easy grasp, the best thing i can do is keep my mouth firmly shut. Now keeping my mouth shut has taken practice as its not in my nature to avoid antagonizing a situation by trying to get her to see how 'unreasonable' or 'unhinged - gulp' her behavior can be!.
Having realized my new strategy of keeping quiet, kitty has resorted to further technique in order to allow her to unleash her frustration. She will ask a reasonable question - to which i will respond - to which she will tell me to shut up and that she hate's me, to which i am perpetually disgusted lol. My mission is (with her permission and approval already sought) to document these happenings and hopefully both make you laugh and get some comments from others who either from suffer from this (dare i say it) awful affliction or are victims of similar actions from their partners.
Just as a little footnote - on occasion kitty has what i have dubbed 'day terrors', this is when her morning behavioral steez starts creeping in to a daytime scenario. Literally as i type this one has occurred, I was asked to leave the room while she takes photo's for eBay because of the following reasons: A) My silly little comments and B) because me being in the room makes it darker, with to quote 'me casting shadows and shit', i have included a diagram describing how this is scientifically improbable if not impossible.

As you can see, if any shadow is cast then its going to be against the back wall, far from kitties photographic activity. There are no rules.

Above - Kittler

Check back for more updates soon.

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  1. I think a bit of wee just came out, I love the diagram!! Maybe next u could do a PowerPoint presentation :-D