Saturday, 2 February 2013

We would NOT wanna ruin any surprises with stupid spoilers, but this film is well worth watching for more reasons than my hands could possibly type. Take an eccentric millionaire inventor and financial mogul (a bit like a more creepy sir Alan Sugar) with a head the size of an avocado. Throw in one sadomasochistic wife and her business puppet of a husband, a slutty house all girl punk band (who are on 24 hour standby to play there tunes whenever antagonized by a dwarf with a cattle prod!) and 3 magic angry voodoo dolls.

  Kitty as our very own avocado head, nice legs babe. 

And if all that doesn't make you wanna run down to your nearest abandoned video shop just to make sure a sly VHS version isn't lurking someplace in a Biffer bin behind the shop then take a load of MR MASCARO. Mascaro is a clown faced badass who serves as butler to the millionaire, who's voice could slice a peach in two with it's monotone, deep gravely drawl. Who is also responsible for one of the most uncalled for alternative endings we have ever seen (your in for a treat slugger).

Mascaro being cool as fuck

 We rate the film an over all score of 4.5 out of 5 ! or 4 x 35cl glens and 1 x Airplane/hotel miniature

Bonus Information: Director Charles Bands son is Alex Band lead singer of now defunct Band 'The calling' responsible for uber annoying wedding song 'wherever you will go'. Charles Band = Alex Band = Crap Band = Crying Happy tears.   

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