Saturday, 16 March 2013

Shoes designed for a long distance relationship

Has anyone ever bought something that looks so amazingly bad ass that you could not even for one moment believe that they would not work. I did this a few months ago with what i thought could be the shoes of my dreams. The shoes looked like they were forged from 80's new romantic or rockabilly perfection only to be sculpted by Robert smith and a cool pirate. Sadly on arrival the reality of the shoes was so far removed once on i have never been able to wear them!. Yes i knew they were pointy, but i did not realize i would be the chief winkle picker!. I still have them and enjoy looking at them, and somewhere inside me i think im still holding out hope that i will wake up some day and they will somehow work,  or that fashion will move back to an extreme pointy toe and i will be the coolest kid. Ahhhh maybe one day.

Just look at them.... WHHHHHYYYY.

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