Saturday, 2 February 2013

Having never been funeral for a friends biggest fan its hard to see a positive in a band that appears to be dead set on constantly covering old ground. Being aware of the disappointment from early fans on the release of 'casually dressed and deep in conversation'. With the words like 'sell out' being banded about at that time it seems that there return to metal form over the last two years can only come across as too little too late. However in a rather bitter sweet retrospect listening to newer incarnations of the band perhaps gives strength to there more commercial sound that followed the earlier e.p's and  puts the quality of such songs as 'juno' in to perspective. All in all Ffaf represent a sound of the mid 00's that appears to be holding on only by the thinnest thread, and as a flagship of that era its difficult not to feel a slight nostalgia in listening to what now comes across as a fairly identikit sound. Whilst i can only praise them for sticking to there guns whilst other bands of that sound (nod to kids in glass houses 'in gold blood') fail to reinvent themselves. Well worth listening to for hardcore fans, and fans of the early material alike. I love the album cover, shame the album sound itself didn't set me on fire.

Two and a half bottles out of five!.........................

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