Monday, 14 January 2013

Introducing the Rollers

The Rollers adhere and aspire to the only correct way of living (and by the way that DOES not make us a cult?). Far be it for us to say that any non members are doomed to a horrible and ugly fate if they cant be persuaded to join, however we can strongly suggest it!. The details of the club are a closely guarded secret and a point of intrigue for all of mankind. Lest you not be accepted to stand amongst us in the corridors of power to mingle with the various hoi-palloi and awesomeness that cast there shadows there,you may end up alone with nothing but yourself to blame, cold, hungry and distraught. Only strong applicants need apply..this includes ballers, big-ballers, shot-callers, pimps, gangsters,thugs, rappers, rock stars, preachers, fashionistas, go-getters, trend setters and other above average characters. Application forms available soon WTS.

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