Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lusty hails from the mean streets of 'Da Nooth' where she was a high class escort for the wealthy and the lucky strikers. That was until she witnessed a gangland murder and had to enter protection program to keep her body from ending up in a ditch. Her uncanny fashion sense and impeccable luck have kept her alive until now, but now she's ready to spill her opinions publicly. Quote "Vince im not scared of you no more!", shes the rusty voice of the Cornish underbelly. The patron saint of the unspoken and unwashed, a devout sinner who talks all killer and no filler.

Santos and Lusty met some time in the mid 80's and hit it off straight away. Turning over curious tourists who frequented the strip during the summer seasons. Santos a failed actor hailing from Costa Del Helston, tried his hand at the big time but fell from grace after his first taste of the big time. Money, fame, glamour all seemed a millions miles away when all that glittered were the bright neon lights of the backstreet massage parlors he would stalk to sell his wares to desperate junkies. To know what the dark is you gotta turn off the light, and Santos certainly knows how it feels for things to be pitch black, but now it's time to fight back.   

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