Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Everything Everything "all serious" album review!!

If you were one of those people who bought everything everything man
alive record you probably thought you were super cool, and you were
probably right, but to spite its experimental mash up of genre deifying art
bollocks it was never the sort of album that you could play a track to your
mum, and on the strength of her liking that buy her the album, its lack of
continuity seemed to be both its Savior and curse earning them definitive
"one to watch" status.
Arc however is the shit, it pulls together all the defining elements of there
previous work in a more glossy widescreen manor giving them a
cohesion lacking in the previous effort. I imagine that parts of the album
will have critics screaming "we don't need another Coldplay" from rooftops
all around the country, but perhaps only on the strength of Jonathan
Higgs baritone styling, that to be fair are more than a cut above Chris
martins best offerings, both vocally and lyrically.
Arc seems to offer a more serious and grandiose vision than many of its
peers such as French soler have as of yet mustered, with songs such as
"duet" showing a and that have a plausible rock longevity that was not
previously showboated, yet singles such as "cough cough" show some
seriously edgy pop momentum without having to reach for comparisons.
Arc is well worth a gawd'dam listen!.

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