Monday, 11 March 2013


Drake circus Plymouth

Amazing shakes in Plymouth

The Worlds worst collage 

Ok so we have had a week or so without blogging as we have been on a trip to the big ol' smoke. We went to visit friends and go to good old Camden. as per usual we hit the Megabus up for class A transport. The travel side of things went pretty fucking quick apart from an incident in which we payed £1.80 for what turned out to be a cup of hot water. Our faith in humanity was restored when the bus driver turned water in to wine and dragged me in to the inner workings of the bus station in Exeter, to a seedy cafe/den kitchen where illegal opium sales and people trading appeared to be taking place and kindly put coffee in our two pound hot water.

We arrived at our budget hotel and proceeded to drink a bottle of vodka for our sins. We went to see a great band in club Koko in Camden called Kid Champion, who were pretty awesome!. Club Koko is ace, in an old theater with loads of history. Koko was the first place that Madonna played in the uk. 

We found our way back to the hotel after about 2 hours of drunken walking, it was only round the corner. 

The next day we made our way to camden (our fav place in london, if not the world). We went round the market, had a few drinks and then headed to the food area to get some kick ass stuff. 

Amazing wedges in the Camden eye pub

Brazilian donuts with cream and chocolate 

Kitty outside The Camden lock

The worlds most pro meat article found on the tube

We then headed off to our friends Disco Stu and Pawony house for a party in Plumsted, which was pretty messy. We woke up in the morning with just 1 hour to get to victoria coach station. We made it by the skin of our teeth and still had time to buy fried chicken.

We arrived back in Cornwall and to catch up with jen we spent the day in Falmouth.

Thus concludes our week of doing things.

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