Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Eden sessions this year - Eddy Izzard it is then.

Is anyone else in the mind that the Eden sessions this year are a bit rubbish?. Its all acts that i would prefer to have seen  good few years ago!. Sigur Ros wuld have been amazing to see around the ( ) time or just after, Kaiser Chiefs are one of those bands everyone goes to see if they dont have a better offer and lets be honest apart from old "oh my god i cant believe it" what is there (maybe im being harsh i could mention a few). Sure The XX are pretty current, but personally i find there albums a bit sleepy and if im going to watch them it would be in a sweaty basement club that's really dark and moody,  or a divan bed with headphones. Other than that Eddy Izzard will be good im sure.

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